A end to end security system to shipment and cargo

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Most innovative, intelligent and an automatic Employee transport management and security system

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Mobile based Work Force Management System hosted on Cloud

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Patented algorithms, intelligent applications for a end-to-end SaaS based cost effective solution

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Employee Transport

Employee Transport and Security System - a Centralized, patented, intelligent Automated transport Roster management system with a mobile app, SMS gateway integrated for the Security of Employees

Logistics Solutions

Track your Cargo, time the delivery via GPS based digital tracking or even monitor the goods, routing, geo fencing, vehicle condition and many more. This is a staggering new solution to the Transport and Logistics industry

Taxi Booking System

End to end taxi booking, tracking and dispatch system. Payment gateway, SMS gateway with a mobile app and loads of security features this is the most advanced Taxi management system to delight and organize Taxi industry

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Adom abbreviates Aggregation and Distribution on Mobile. With the power of GPS extending to ERP, CRM, Transport, Automation and mobile applications - Adom is thus defined.